About Us

Bornslacker.com started as a gaming website back in 2004. Since then, the website has been through many transitions as people have come and gone. At one point, Bornslacker.com was a thriving gaming community with nightly online gaming, tournaments, and team contests (Remember Monday Night Gaming?). As people got older and moved on to other hobbies, Bornslacker.com activity fell.

For the past few years, Bornslacker has existed as a standalone forum for those last remaining few who had become friends over the years. With no new content, the site was dead. For those who might like to participate on those forums, they still exist at http://legacy.bornslacker.com. All accounts are still active.

Rather that let the domain sit idle, I thought I’d use this domain to post interesting things I find on the internet, step-by-step guides for things I’ve learned how to do, and just generally things I think others might want to have access to. I don’t expect to update this website every day, this is after all, a slacker website run by SlackMaster.